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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Ensuring Trust
  • As a financial institution run for SMEs by SMEs, the Shoko Chukin Bank provides high-quality, comprehensive and stable services and supports the sustainable growth of its customers. We understand and act on our social responsibility to exercise financial settlement and mediation functions as a financial institution.
  • We strive to communicate with all sectors of society through timely and appropriate disclosure and other measures to fulfill our mission and social responsibilities as a financial institution. Furthermore, each one of us appropriately fulfills the role assigned to us in our daily operations, and strives to maintain and earn trust through sound and appropriate operations.
  • All officers and employees carry out their jobs in a fair manner and build sound corporate ethics. Moreover, the Bank works to reinforce internal controls through, for instance, its internal management system and risk management system, and ensures that operations are administered according with a sense of self-responsibility inspired by self-discipline.
Customer-oriented Operation
  • We understand that the growth of our customers is our mission, and also treat our customers cordially, politely and sincerely to ensure their satisfaction.
  • We take the customer’s point of view to ensure that we provide appropriate services based on the customer’s needs and experiences. When offering the Bank’s services, we appropriately and thoroughly explain the merits,demerits and risks inherent in the services and move ahead with the transaction only with the customer’s full understanding.
  • We take the utmost care in managing information entrusted to us by customers, and we manage it appropriately to prevent leaks. The information entrusted to us by customers is only used for the intended purposes, and is never used for purposes other than those intended without the customer’s consent.
Strict Compliance with Laws
  • When carrying out operations as a financial institution, we respect laws and rules by ensuring fair competition, handling customer information with great care, forbidding insider trading and preventing money laundering. We refrain from unsound lending and sales practices that would deviate from social norms, and pursues good business operations.
  • In the event that a law or rule is violated, we do not attempt to conceal the event but report it in accordance with established reporting procedures. We strive to resolve the problem quickly and prevent a reoccurrence.
  • When purchasing goods and services and ordering systems, the transaction is carried out in accordance with fair market rules and appropriate commercial practices, and we ensure that the Bank’s relationships with suppliers are equitable and transparent. In addition, we do not tolerate unfair trading practices such as bid-rigging.
Respect for Human Rights
  • We respect the rights of all people, beginning with our customers, officers and employees. We respect basic human rights and practice this belief in our daily operations.
  • We strive to create a cheerful environment that is free of acts that damage individual dignity such as sexual harassment and abuse of authority, discrimination and bias, and an environment in which individual diversity is respected by all.
Zero Tolerance of Anti-social Forces
  • The Bank is firmly opposed to anti-social forces such as crime syndicates that threaten order and safety in civil society, and has a zero-tolerance policy toward involvement with such forces.
  • We thoroughly confirm personal identities to prevent use of our services in crimes or terrorism. We do not overlook transactions suspected of criminality or terrorism or transactions with unnatural features, but respond appropriately by reporting suspicious transactions; in addition, we endeavor to prevent money laundering.

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