Through Generations,
We Focus on Future Growth.

Shoko Chukin Bank was born during the financial crisis in the early Showa era.
Since then, no matter what era or generation,
we have acted on the mission of "supporting the sustainable growth of SMEs",
always looking towards the future of our customers and the Japanese economy.

1936 onwards

Pre-war times

Founded amidst a financial crisis.

Due to the repeated crises during the early Showa period, small banks that played crucial role in financing SMEs collapsed. Many SMEs were in a critical condition.
Amidst such a situation, Shoko Chukin Bank was established. Since the establishment of Shoko Chukin Bank, we have provided long-term and unsecured loans, which are difficult for ordinary banks. In response to the public expectations, we demonstrated the financial functionality to save SMEs from distress.


  • June
    "Shoko Chukin Bank Limited Act" enforced
  • December
    Commenced business at the headquarter (in The Industrial Bank of Japan Ltd. Head office) and established Sapporo and 6 other branches


  • March
    Issued the first Shoko Bonds (Interest Rate Bonds)


  • July
    Issued the first Discount Shoko Bonds


  • May
    Transferred the headquarters to Kyobashi, Kyobashi-ku, Tokyo (from the office in The Industrial Bank of Japan Ltd. Head office)


  • May
    The headquarter suffered damages due to air raids
The headquarter rented at The Industrial Bank of Japan Ltd. Head office
First Discount Shoko Bonds
Head office in Kyobashi

1945 onwards

Post-war Revival Period

Support for SMEs starting from zero.

At the end of the war, small and medium enterprises grew, increasing domestic production capacity and creating jobs, which was especially important for Japan's revival. Shoko Chukin Bank made efforts to continue financing despite fundraising hardships due to budgetary austerity regulations.
The strong desire to support the Japanese foundation of SMEs, which were starting from zero, became a driving force for Shoko Chukin Bank.


  • June
    Issued first post-war Interest-bearing Shoko Bonds


  • December
    Started business with association members because of banking laws reform


  • August
    Completed establishing branches in all prefectures of Japan
Resumed post-war, Interest-bearing Shoko Bonds (1950)

1955 onwards

Period of Rapid Growth

Supporting high economic growth

Economic growth exceeded that of the previous year by 10%. This development created the background for the modernization of small and medium enterprises that played a major role in the domestic economy.
Shoko Chukin Bank's capital investments strongly supported the technological innovations from the financial side. By leading the implementation of internationally competitive products and productivity, Shoko Chukin Bank supported the development of the Japanese economy as other countries look on with wonder.


  • August
    First post-war interest rate reduction


  • December
    Completed a new headquarter at 6-5-1, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan


  • October
    Commenced foreign exchange business


  • July
    Official participated in the Bank of Japan Exchange Payment System


  • December
    Loan balance exceeds 1 trillion yen


  • March
    Full implementation of Online inter Headquarter-Branch Exchange


  • December
    Debt issuance balance exceeds 1 trillion yen
Completed the new headquarter building
Opened an online system
Introduction of IBM1460 electronic computing system (1965)

1975 onwards

Stable Growth Period

Responding to diversification of companies

Standards of living improved along with advances in product sophistication and high added value. The SMEs began to diversify and walk their own path. Shoko Chukin Bank anticipated this change and strove to expand various financial functions such as expanding their scope of lending and accounts, responding to needs diversified for each company.
In order to provide funding, which could be said to be the blood of SMEs, Shoko Chukin Bank was acting with a focus on the future.


  • November
    We planned to promote groups managed by young business partners such as youth associations


  • December
    Loan balance exceeds 5 trillion yen


  • June
    Opened a representative office in London (first overseas location)


  • February
    Established the National Youth Association of Shoko Chukin Bank (the first "National Exchange Convention" held in October of the same year)

1990 onwards

Turning Point

Roles played during the lost 20 years.

The economic bubble burst and disaster followed. It was a very tough time for SMEs without ample funding.
Amidst such circumstances, Shoko Chukin Bank continued to support SMEs in order to fulfill its mission of "supporting the continuous growth of SMEs".


  • November
    Opened a representative office in Hong Kong


  • July
    Founded Malaysia Chukin Association (the first overseas Chukin Association)


  • November
    Established "Special SME Consulting Service" in each branch.
  • November
    Collapse of Hokkaido Takushoku Bank

    The words of the person in charge at the time:

    "After the bankruptcy of the Hokkaido Takushoku Bank, we received consultations regarding prolonged loans. Because the transfer of business to Hokkaido Takushoku Bank was not officially determined, businesses were looking for new funding sources without looking towards real estate collateral, as well as companies that could not avoid postponing construction of new factories just before the collapse of Hokkaido Takushoku Bank; the failure of the region's leading bank caused a great deal of disorder for regional businesses. Support staff from headquarters rushed to each branch within Hokkaido, regretting their examination work and loan decisions when they went to sleep. The final number of cases was about 800, with an amount of money nearly adding up to 80 billion yen. At the time, we were desperate for the work in front of us, but looking back now, it looks like the safety function of the bank was to be able to contribute to the lives of people living in Hokkaido and the economy."


  • December
    Started to conclude treaty of business cooperation with regional financial institutions


  • May
    Started handling DDS (Debt-debt swaps)


  • March
    Opened a representative office in Shanghai
  • May
    First issuance of "Asset-backed Loans (ABL)"


  • February
    Started handling new 3-year fixed term deposits aimed at individuals (in April 2007, renamed as "My Harvest")


  • October
    Moved from a cooperative financial institution to a public company and started as The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
Opening ceremony for the new Shoko Chukin Bank (2008)


  • March
    The Great East Japan Earthquake occurs
  • March
    Establishment of Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake Countermeasures Headquarters (renamed to the East Japan Earthquake Countermeasures Headquarters on May 13, 2011).

    The words of the person in charge at the time:

    At the time, I was working at the Sendai branch. Among our business partners, there have been many whose presidents have died in the earthquake, those who have been swept away by tsunami, and where the president came in work clothes and long boots for financial consultation. Changes in payment conditions alone exceeded 50 cases per month. We would get non-stop calls from companies whose gas and water supplies had stopped and could not do business, saying "we would like a loan of working capital for the next year". Under the policy of the branch manager at the time, to "quickly allocate and distribute the necessary funds", we quickly gave support to the companies' fund raising. While the staff members themselves were without a lifeline, I think that all of them were of one mind and were absorbed in the work.


  • September
    Opened a representative office in Bangkok


2018 onwards

Now and Towards the Future

Promoting the Generation's Innovation

Along with major environmental changes, the role of Shoko Chukin Bank also changes. In order to draw out and support individual strengths, Shoko Chukin Bank must reform itself.
For the growth and development for a wide variety of SMEs, Shoko Chukin Bank must reform itself and create new functions.



  • April
    Established Diversity Promotion Office

And Now, as well, Towards the Future.