GOOD Practices of SDGs

Shoko Chukin Bank will not only continue their efforts as a bank aimed towards realizing a sustainable society, but will also work to continuously support the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the SMEs.

Source: United Nations Public Relations Center


By supporting improvements of our customers' business value, we can ensure that everybody live prosperous and fulfilling lives and contribute to economic, social, and technological progress in harmony with the nature.

Customer Initiatives


Technological Innovations

Kumonos Corporation Ltd.


Kumonos Corporation Ltd. is a business that offers surveying and design services for all kinds of constructions and structures. Also, even for structures that are difficult to visually inspect such as dams and highways, it is possible to use the patented fissure measurement "KUMONOS" to diagnose exterior walls, and perform rapid, safe and precise surveying from a remote location.

In recent years, in addition to existing construction surveying orders, the company has embarked on a sales venture of 3D surveying equipment using 3D scanners. With accreditation as a regional future leading company, it is making use of its existing technological strength and patents to focus attention on sales to other industries such as the railroad industry and overseas to accelerate growth.


Strengthening Infrastructure

Kyoshomaru Ltd.

Miyagi Prefecture

Kyoshomaru Ltd. is a marine transport company that owns one ship in the Ogasawara Islands, which connects the mother and father islands of the Ogasawara Islands with Tokyo. For over 40 years, they have been transporting living supplies and construction materials to the Ogasawara Islands to sustain a lifeline for the islanders.

The company's head office in Ishinomaki and their facilities within Ishinomaki suffered serious damage during the 2011 The Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, but they were rebuilt with corporate efforts while working on the alternative construction of cargo ships and continued operating on routes between the Ogasawara Islands.

Source: United Nations Public Relations Center


Through sustainable consumption and production, sustainable management of natural resources, and urgent response to climate change, we will contribute to meeting the needs of current and future generations by protecting the earth from deterioration.

Customer Initiatives


Innovations in the agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and food industries

Global Ocean Works Co., Ltd.

Kagoshima Prefecture

Global Ocean Works Co., Ltd. is a processing and distributing company for cultured yellowtail. They have developed a business to consistently construct a commercial flow to cultivate, process, and sell marine products from Kagoshima overseas.

The company develops sales channels overseas, acquires international certification related to international standards and cultivation related to food safety management, and maintains manufacturing facilities according to international standards. Also, veterinarians and multiple quality control personnel are employed, leading to a unique system.

Accredited as a regional future leading company, the company plays a role in promoting exports of yellowtail cultivated in Kagoshima prefecture, which boasts the highest production in the country, and accelerating this growth.


Initiatives for a Recycling-oriented Society

Aikawa Engineering Co., Ltd.


Aikawa Engineering Co., Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing steel tower parts and metal products for wind power generation, and in July 2017, built Japan's first factory to manufacture the "towers" that support the pinwheel parts of windmills in Iwaki's core industrial park.

As the largest wind power tower manufacturer in Japan, the company boasts a high delivery record. Although most of the large wind turbines installed in Japan are imported, the company aims to acquire orders for large wind turbine towers to be built in Fukushima's "Fukushima Abukuma, Hamadori Area Wind Power Generation Project", working in cooperation with local public bodies and related organizations to produce towers that rely on imports that have high quality, high strength and low cost.

Shoko Chukin Bank Initiatives


Initiatives for Disaster Safety Nets and Efforts towards Reducing Environmental Impacts

1. Demonstrating Safety Net Function

In addition to natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, and in the case of major economic fluctuations such as failure of order sources, Shoko Chukin Bank has opened a special consulting service at the request of the competent ministry and an independent Shoko Chukin Bank Consultation Service. Along with providing thorough consultation services, we are taking steps for a loan system using our own disaster recovery funds and demonstrating a safety net function.

2. Environmental Policy

Shoko Chukin Bank, a financial institution specializing in SMEs throughout Japan, recognizes the realization of a "sustainable society" as one of its important management challenges, and assertively and continuously makes efforts to contribute to the regional society and economy in harmony with their mission to increase the business value of the SMEs through their business activities and for environmental conservation.

  1. 1.Compliance with Laws and Ordinances

    In addition to existing laws and regulations for environmental protection, Shoko Chukin bank agrees to comply with other requirements.

  2. 2.Environmental Protection through Financial Services

    By utilizing the most of our nationwide network, while cooperating with national policies and the policies of local public bodies and providing financial products and financial services, we proactively support the business efforts of small business associations and small businesses who are engaged in environmental conservation and protection, and work to reduce the environmental risks to society as a whole.

  3. 3.Efforts to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Our Business Activities

    We recognize the environmental burden of the consumption of resources through our business activities and the discharge of waste materials, and strive to conserve the environment by recycling resources and effectively utilizing energy and resources.

  4. 4.Awareness and External Publicity for Employees

    In order to cultivate awareness of environmental issues among each of our management members, we strive to provide environmental training.

Moreover, activities based on this policy are announced and published on the Shoko Chukin Bank's website.

Move Forward.

Shoko Chukin Bank cooperates with the Japan Trucking Association (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) to deal with a system to finance the purchase of vehicles conforming to gas emission regulations stipulated by the country.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, Shoko Chukin Bank has been promoting the procurement of products compliant with sustainable procurement laws. Starting from April 2019, we have been using LIMEX, which is mostly composed of limestone, for posters within the bank, and will continue to make efforts to reduce environmental impact by conserving water and pulp resources.

3. Signing on to TCFD

In June 2017, Shoko Chukin Bank approved and signed on to the recommendations made by the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures), which was created by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) in response to a request from G20 in 2015.

Source: United Nations Public Relations Center


Each of our employees has a sense of social responsibility and contributes to the realization of a peaceful and inclusive society.

Shoko Chukin Bank Initiatives


Realizing a Peaceful and Inclusive Society

We have formulated our credit policy as a code of conduct for employees, aimed at realizing an ideal business model.

Basic Policy

  • We have developed the "Comprehensive financial services business to support management", providing improved value to SMEs and small and medium enterprises associations from a truly long-term, customer-oriented perspective.

Important Points of Focus

  • We mainly focus on providing support for SMEs that need to improve their management, revitalize business, or business succession, as well as SMEs that are embarking on high-risk business ventures.


  • We will work closely with our customers and strive to build a relationship of mutual trust with our customers.
  • We will continue to deepen our dialogue with our customers, understand our customers' businesses and work to share their challenges.
  • We will work towards providing solutions to solve our customers' problems.
  • For these efforts, we will cooperate and collaborate with regional financial institutions based on a relationship of mutual trust.
  • We will compete not only based on interest rates, which are not based on our relationship with the customers.
Source: United Nations Public Relations Center


For all companies to develop sustainably, we are forming and utilizing domestic and international partnerships.

Shoko Chukin Bank Initiatives


Cooperation with Regional Financial Institutions

Shoko Chukin Bank has regarded the regional financial institutions and their industry groups as "partners to cooperatively achieve regional financial facilitation and regional economy revitalization based on coexistence and mutual complementation in the region", by cooperatively working together with regional financial institutes as one on the foundation of business management.

By focusing on the regional cooperation promotion office, which was recently established on June 21, 2018, we will construct a relationship of mutual trust and further cooperate and collaborate with local financial institutions through "contact points" for regional financial institutions and local public bodies at all of our sales outlets.

Specifically, in addition to promoting risk sharing in reviewing financing business in support of regeneration, new business expansion, large-scale investments, and management reforms, we will work on syndicated loan agents and M&A business know-how as well as business matching and M&A platform sharing, as well as cooperation by utilizing overseas locations.


Overseas Cooperative Organizations (Main Cooperation Regions)

  • Thailand Board of Investment (Thailand)*
  • Bangkok Bank (Thailand, Vietnam)*
  • Bank Negara Indonesia (Indonesia)*
  • Bank of Communications (China)
  • Standard Chartered Bank (Asia)
  • Ministry of Trade and Industry, Republic of the Philippines (Philippines)
  • Rizal Bank (Philippines)
  • Vietnam Foreign Investment Agency (Vietnam)
  • *Staff dispatch
Source: United Nations Public Relations Center


We will conduct various initiatives to realize a society where all people can be active and healthy.

Customer Initiatives


Promoting Women's Participation

Sora oriental Inc.

Shiga Prefecture

Sora oriental Inc. is a retailer for women's clothing products, focusing on Internet sales. All of their employees are women, and they are developing their own brand "RONDEL BLACK", which takes advantage of women's unique perspectives. The company has recently decided to start a specialty monthly rental service "Brista" to enable women to shine.

The company has been certified as a "women activity promotion company" by Shiga Prefecture, and is promoting the expansion of new business to contribute to women's activities in the region in addition to the employment of women.