Code of Ethics and Code of Behavior

1. Ensuring Full Compliance

The Shoko Chukin Bank is strictly compliant with all laws, regulations and rules, and always acts with a high sense of morality and ethics, in order not to violate social norms.

Code of Behavior

  1. (1)We understand that there is a possibility of misconduct for every single person and in any type of business operations, and always engage in business with the prevention of misconduct in mind.
  2. (2)We correctly understand provisions and rules, and conduct business without omitting procedures. In addition, we do not interpret provisions and rules arbitrarily and conveniently with vague conjecture.
  3. (3)The Headquarters prepares understandable notifications and manuals, and makes improvements and reviews, as necessary.
  4. (4)We hold compliance review meetings on a regular basis and conduct repeated training sessions as well as discussions to improve the normative consciousness.

2. Attitude Toward Customers

We constantly return to the starting point, being a comprehensive financial institution solely for SMEs, and give primary consideration to customer trust and satisfaction.

Code of Behavior

  1. (1)We work close to, and strive to build relationships with our customers.
  2. (2)We deepen dialogue with our customers, understand their businesses, and make efforts share issues with them.
  3. (3)We work to provide solutions to solve our customers' issues.
  4. (4)Our Offices, in cooperation with Headquarters, respond promptly to our customers' needs.

3. Responsibility to Society

As a member of a financial institution, a public institution that must maintain transparency, and a member of a local community, we are always aware of our social responsibility to act fairly and faithfully.

Code of Behavior

  1. (1)We are always aware that each behavior of every employee is regarded as the Shoko Chukin Bank's behavior, and act fairly and faithfully.
  2. (2)We collaborate and cooperate with local governments and regional financial institutions and seek to contribute to local community.
  3. (3)If we discover misconduct by other employees, we do not turn a blind eye, but promptly report such behavior to our superiors or the employee consultation contact.
  4. (4)The superiors who receive reports regarding misconduct report such incidents to Headquarters, without concealment.
  5. (5)We take a resolute stance against anti-social forces and organizations, and sever any relationship with them.
  6. (6)We strive to prevent the products and services of the Shoko Chukin Bank from being used for money laundering or financial support for terrorist activities.

4. The Organization We Aim to Be

We respect everyone's human rights and the diversity, and strive to create a workplace with an open atmosphere, and with no harassment or discrimination.

Code of Behavior

  1. (1)We eliminate harassment to create a workplace where opinions and discussions can freely take place.
  2. (2)If we have any troubles, we seek consultation, not being saddled with them.
  3. (3)We actively speak to anyone who appears to be in trouble.
  4. (4)If we have difficulties in consulting with our superiors or colleagues, we consider consulting with the Area Compliance Officer or the employee consultation contact.
  5. (5)Superiors always pay attention to whether their subordinates are in trouble, always listen to them, and actively speak to them.
  6. (6)The Headquarters listens to the opinions of business offices with sincerity, and responds promptly and faithfully.