Directors and Audit and Supervisory Board Members

(As of April 1, 2023)


President (Representative Director) & President and Executive Officer

Masahiro Sekine

Overall execution of business, Internal Audit Division, Compliance Division
Director & Deputy President Executive Officer

Hajimu Nakatani

Secretariat, Career Development Support Division, Diversity and Inclusion Division, Branch Support Division
Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer

Katsuhiko Kaji

Digital Transformation Promotion Division, Systems Planning Division
Director & Managing Executive Officer

Hiroyuki Obara

Financial Crimes Compliance Department, Accounting Division, Administrative Services Division, Crisis Management Division

Shigeharu Nakamura


Junko Okawa


Kazutaka Okubo


Fujiyo Ishiguro


Tomoharu Kusaka

  • *Shigeharu Nakamura, Junko Okawa, Kazutaka Okubo, Fujiyo Ishiguro and Tomoharu Kusaka are external directors as stipulated under Article 2, Paragraph 15 of the Company Law.

Managing Executive Officer

Managing Executive Officer

Hideyuki Makino

Managing Executive Officer

General Manager of Treasury & Capital Markets Operations Division

Shinichiro Morino

Business Process Re-engineering Division, General Operations Support Division, Treasury & Capital Markets Operations Division
Managing Executive Officer

Manabu Abe

Treasury & Investment Division, Asset Management Support Division
Managing Executive Officer

Takehiko Nokami

Dedicated District Manager Resident Office in Osaka
Managing Executive Officer

Hiroyuki Nakashio

Finance Group(Corporate Support Division, Finance Division-Ⅰ, Finance Division-Ⅱ)
Managing Executive Officer

Shinya Yamada

Corporate Planning Division
Managing Executive Officer

General Manager of General Co-ordinating Division

Kazuya Sato

General Co-ordinating Division, Business Planning Division
Managing Executive Officer

Yoshihito Sumimoto

International Division, Business Solution Divison, Capital Markets Trading Division
Managing Executive Officer

General Manager of Industry Research Division

Satoshi Yamaguchi

Public Relations Division, Industry Research Division, Risk Management Division

Executive Officers

Executive Officer

Masami Kidoguchi

General Manager of Yokohama, Kawasaki and Yokohama-Nisiguchi office(General Manager of Kanagawa Business Division)
Executive Officer

Tetsuya Dozono

General Manager of Risk Management Divison
Executive Officer

Atusi Satou

General Manager of Nagoya and Atsuta office
Executive Officer

Mitsutaka Kimura

General Manager of Osaka, Umeda and Minoo Senba office
Executive Officer

Kazunori Takahata

General Manager of International Division and Capital Markets Trading Division
Executive Officer

Hidehiko Yamanaka

General Manager of Internal Audit Division
Executive Officer

Yoshihiro Sano

General Manager of Branch Support Division
Executive Officer

Toru Tareishi

General Manager of Corporate Planning Division
Executive Officer

Mika Hayakawa

General Manager of Diversity and Inclusion Division
Executive Officer

Fumihiro Yazawa

General Manager of Business Division and Kanda office
Executive Officer

Hideki Nakajima

General Manager of Digital Transformation Promotion Division and Systems Planning Division
Executive Officer

Hiroo Tanaka

General Manager of Career Development Support Division
Executive Officer

Masaru Futaoka

General Manager of Tokyo office
  • *The Shoko Chukin Bank adopts the executive officer system.

Audit and Supervisory Board Members

Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Full-time)

Taiichiro Okamoto

Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Full-time)

Masahiko Terauchi

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Kazumine Terawaki

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Junko Kogayu

  1. *1Kazumine Terawaki and Junko Kogayu are external Audit & Supervisory Board Members as stipulated under Article 2, Paragraph 16 of the Company Law.
  2. *2The Shoko Chukin Bank has appointed one alternate Audit & Supervisory Board Member pursuant to Article 329, Paragraph 3 of the Company Law to ensure that it consistently maintains the number of corporate auditors prescribed under the law.